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Tired of hearing the same worn out advice that has put you on a financial roller coaster? Contrary to what the Wall Street media machine promotes, you don’t have to risk losing your hard-earned money to grow wealthy.

There is a simple, clear plan to get wealthy without worry. This book is the blueprint to help you get on the Safe Money path to retirement.
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"This book greatly improved my understanding of retirement as a whole. Before reading this book I had a lot of questions because of misinformation I was receiving from unreliable sources. With Safe Money, It was almost as if I had Brent right next to me helping me understand every aspect.

My expectations were exceeded with this inspirational, motivational and altogether informative book!"
"Books of this style are generally a long or difficult read, but Safe Money presented the information in a very easy to grasp style. This is the best book available for dissecting retirement!

If you have any questions about securing financial independence, chances are the answer is in Safe Money."
- Karen W, New York - Will T, California
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